Kantian Gram Udyog Samiti

Technical Specifications

ProductTerpene AlcoholPhysical AppearanceSp. Gr. At 30 C.Distillation Range (IBP)Distillation Range (95%)
Pine Oil "T"00 to 05 %Water White0.859-0.861165-168187-191
Pine Oil "L"14 to 18 %Water White0.860-0.862166-169188-192
Pine Oil "S"20 to 25 %Water White0.863-0.865167-170193-198
Pine Oil "M"30 to 35 %Water White0.870-0.874168-171201-206
Pine Oil "H"40 to 45 %Water White0.875-0.878170-190208-218
Dipentene----Water White0.855-0.858165-168180-190
DD Turpentine----Water White0.852-0.858160-162170-180
Turpentine IP
As per I. P. Specification. Iodine Value above 280
Terpineol Com.75 to 80 % By GLCWater White0.915-0.920195-200213-215
Terpineol PG80 to 85 % By GLCWater White0.923-0.927205-210215-220
Terpineol Spec.Above 90 % By GLCWater White0.927-0.930205-210215-220
Alpha Pinene90% By GLCWater White0.849-0.852152-153158-160
Beta Pinene90% By GLCWater White0.857-0.858160-161162-163
Longifolene90% By GLCLight Pale0.920-0.925190-192210-220
Iso Longifolene85% By GLCLight Pale0.925-0.927--------
Longifolene Acetate90% By GLCLight Pale0.988-0.992--------
Terpinvle Acetate90% By GLCLight Pale0.940-0.950--------
Ketone90% By GLCLight Pale1.000-1.010--------
Pine Tar----Natural0.955-1.000--------
Eucalyptus oil----Natural Commercial------------
White Deodorant Concentrate----Light Pale------------
Ester gum Edible ----Light PaleAcid Value below 5Melting Point 90 C.----
Ester Gum Paint Grade------PaleAcid Value 20 to 25 Melting Point 100 C.----
Black Deodorant
Free from quarte mary Ammonium and Mercury Compounds
Copal Varnish
Pale Colour with 45% Solid Contents