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Glycerol Rosin Esters

We are a major Manufacturer and Supplier of Glycerol Rosin Esters in Hoshiarpur. The Glycerol Rosin Esters are extracted from natural ingredients and are known for their purity. These Glycerol Rosin Esters find wide applications in industrial sectors like paint, paper, incense, pharmaceutical and leather chemicals. The Glycerol Rosin Esters are basically brittle and friable glassy solids and they ma be found as crystals with faint piney odor.


  • Range : From water green to dark grades like W.G., N, M, K and D grades
  • Disclaimers : Prolonged exposure to rosin fumes released during soldering can cause occupational asthma (formerly called colophony disease)
  • Typically a glassy solid, though some rosins will form crystals, especially when brought into solution
  • Practical melting point varies with different specimens, some being semi-fluid at the temperature of boiling water, others melting at 100oC to 120oC


  • Soap
  • Varnishes
  • Paper sizing
  • Printing inks
  • Soldering fluxes
  • Adhesives (glues)
  • Photocopying paper
  • Laser printing paper

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Min. Order Quantity 50 ltrs
Packaging Details Our packing for all products are 50 liters and 200 liters plastic barrel

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